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Lyndon's Background

Lyndon Maither followed formalized accounting at university and has written numerous books on tax, law and Canadian anti-fraud practice (as a B. Comm-Accountancy, CSC, Ret’ d CFE). He has been employed in senior accounting functions after university, became a Certified Fraud Examiner, after spending all his time in various law libraries while studying to be a tax lawyer, while writing two recognized casebooks on the subject.

As a past accountant he has lived the functioning of various genre of employers, gaining from each, and this allows him to fundamentally evaluate the financial position of his Daily Interests to benefit from the marketplace. Like Warren Buffet, he doesn’t get too caught up in per-day prices, only prices that reflect longer term horizons. Anyone can make 12000% annualized gains in the days on the stock-swings, but Lyndon has the opinion that you should have a longer-term growth is safer and less nerve-straining. Your growth comes from your predictions, not from trying to find, possibly less-safe, 12000% one-offs.

People sometimes consider him “a geek” since he spends so much time reading with his internet connection, now formally retired.