My Daily Interests and What You Can Expect

If you’re looking for actionable high-quality numbers of alternate rewarding investments that have high growth prospects from historic patterns then you should definitely be a subscriber to

Every hour of every market day, and on the week-end as well, we investigate the North American markets for stocks that show great growth patterns and present good choices in your strategy as well.

This is not for speculation – but for mid-long term growth.

Everyday, you get one email per day, usually shortly after the close of the markets, listing off 4-6 stocks with their stats that should draw your attention.

In fact, we are often ahead of other sites’ chosen investments in our Daily Interests.

…simply put, you’ll take advantage of our hours of study to save you enormous amounts of time filtering yourself to get proven performers!

With this in mind,
this service is different:

I’ll only send you one email update per night for the following day, based on the latest market data at the time of sending. Only one per day of Daily Interests. That will be your end-of-the-day list, 4-6 stocks to investigate, to be acted on perhaps with the opening of the market next. You’ll have time to start your own investigation by approx. ~6:30 PM that night, as you should. We do not pick stock for short-term gains, only 6 mth-1 year holdings based on established history.

For my Researched Reports I’ll advertise that I am working on one to my participants to see if they want to benefit by getting a copy, thereby splitting the cost with them. These reports can take significant time to compile and can cost up to $300 though when spread out across those who want a copy, the price can drop to $100. ~10+ hours of research, for what can be $10 an hour is a price that is very low in the market…

You can call me, and reach me, easily to make any suggestions, special considerations, on any issue you feel is important, at my toll-free – 1-888-498-8062 (Canada) – 1-855-474-3331 (USA) – during normal business hours.

I’m a set of eyes on the market and what you’re buying is multiple hours of my ongoing daily study that you may not have the time or energy to do and I aim to be your favourite, most instrumental, investment letter.

What I will not do, ever,

is ask you for more money for some aspect that web technology should easily deliver nor try and earn ancillary revenue by selling you something that you should have for free. Neither will I send you anything other than what you’ve asked for by subscribing: 1 list per day of 4-6 of favourable-looking stocks to consider for the following day. You will never see pop-up ads nor streams of unwanted emails from me. And you certainly won’t be subject to complex sign-up-for-what-amount procedures when you don’t get what we’re providing like so many advertised investment sites. I love giving away information for free and you can count on on-going actionable content being inserted in both my Daily Interests and this site generally.

I want this service to be the most beneficial to you, for the funds you actually have to pay: $200/mth. – month-to-month – for 80-100 medium/long-term stocks. Hopefully in a couple of months after sign-up your associates will be wondering where you’re getting your information from.

Try us, be impressed!

Subscribe To The Daily Interests

And that, in a nutshell, is how you can gain studied valuable actionable investment content, every night, that can help you earn higher returns over the medium to long-term.

We go through the market every hour of the day looking for them to tell you about them!


per month

My Daily Interests are reports of recent market performers who have benefited from market attention to their recently released interim/annual financial reporting, in the face of expectations, have favourable longer-term price movement, or companies who have launched new products/segments/opened new markets.   . . . 4-6 of them per day.